BOS Wine & Swine Club

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Why Wine & Swine?

It is an exciting way in which we get to share with you our adventures in farming and winemaking.  As a member, you will get one shipment in the Spring, Fall & Winter (3 shipments total). 

BOS Wine...

We will select six wines from our collection to send to you. 

BOS Swine...

Artisan charcuterie cured with BOS wine! We have teamed up with PaneVino & SubRosa in St. Helena, CA to bring you the ultimate pairing... our very own wine & SWINE!  Each shipment will include something new to taste & enjoy.  

***Only offered to wine & swine members.


$200 + tax & shipping  


What Club Members Have to Say

The Bos Wine portfolio is diverse and delicious and I love the addition of the charcuterie in my shipments! It is obvious that a lot of heart goes into each wine club shipment and I love the personal connection that I get with Dave and Jackie. They make people feel like a part of their family, and that paired with their outstanding wine is what sets them apart. 


As a winemaker in Traverse City, I've had the pleasure of knowing Dave and Jackie for years. I'm continually impressed with their wines, the depth of Dave's knowledge in biodynamic farming, and I love being a part of their wine club! I'm not in too many clubs these days, but I don't see myself getting out of Bos Wine & Swine Club anytime soon. 


I've been a fan of Dave Bos since the day I met him! I'm super excited for his Michigan wines and this club is great because I will get both Michigan and California wines and be able to enjoy the different varietals and styles that these different regions can produce. For now, though, I'll happily enjoy my shipment of Bos Wines from California each and every time they arrive on my doorstep.